VDS Server It is formed as a result of splitting the physical server's virtualization software and resources.

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99.9% Uptime

Thanks to Cloud Yapı, we plan to keep uptime values ​​above 99%.

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Safe and fast

All our servers are virtualized with vmware on nvme disk dell architecture.

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24/7 Technical Support

You can get 24/7 technical support through the ticket system and solve your problems.

Virtual Server

of servers Common features

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Nvme Disk

All virtual servers are virtualized over nvme disk with servers with xeon processors.

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Advanced server management

Thanks to the control panel, you can manage your server and get performance by configuring your resources.

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Auto Setup

You can automatically install the operating system you want from the customer panel.

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1Gbit Internet

1 Gbit shared Internet is used in virtual servers, it can use a maximum of 100 mbit instantly.

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Linux and Windows

All operating systems, including linux and windows infrastructure, can be installed on virtual servers.

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Free Shipping

We offer free transport support for services in the same control panel in different companies.

What is VDS Server?

VDS is created using virtualization technologies. Virtualization allows a single physical server to be chipped into multiple virtual servers, making more useful use of resources likely. In this way, resources can be shared between different recipients or workloads, and each virtual server has the resources necessary to run an independent operating system and applications. VDS servers have some advantages over other shared hosting types. One of the most important advantages is that resources are not shared with other users. In other words, a VDS user is solely responsible for the performance of his own virtual server with his own applications and workload, the actions of other users do not affect its performance.

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What are the differences between VDS and VPS?

Today, with the rapid development of web technologies, the search for secure, flexible and cost-effective server solutions for various websites, applications and databases has also increased. Virtual server solutions offer businesses the opportunity to share the resources provided by physical servers in a virtual environment, and two popular options used to meet these requirements are Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) and Virtual Private Server (VPS).

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