Premium servers are designed for those who want to get higher performance compared to vds servers, you can get higher speed thanks to the special structure.

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Premium Server

VDS Pricing


  • Disk

  • RAM

  • CPU

Premium SSD VDS

From where We

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99.9% Uptime

Thanks to Cloud Yapı, we plan to keep uptime values ​​above 99%.

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Safe and fast

All our servers are virtualized with vmware on nvme disk dell architecture.

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24/7 Technical Support

You can get 24/7 technical support through the ticket system and solve your problems.

Premium VDS

of servers Common features

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Nvme Disk

All virtual servers are virtualized over nvme disk with servers with xeon processors.

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Advanced server management

Thanks to the control panel, you can manage your server and get performance by configuring your resources.

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Auto Setup

You can automatically install the operating system you want from the customer panel.

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1Gbit Internet

1 Gbit shared Internet is used in virtual servers, it can use a maximum of 100 mbit instantly.

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Linux and Windows

All operating systems, including linux and windows infrastructure, can be installed on virtual servers.

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Free Shipping

We offer free transport support for services in the same control panel in different companies.

What is Premium VDS?

Premium VDS is an option that offers higher performance, better service level and more features than other standard VDS services. Premium VDS plans usually have benefits such as more powerful processors, higher amounts of RAM, faster storage units (like SSD), more bandwidth, and better customer support.

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Premium VDS & VDS What are the Differences?

Premium VDS plans offer higher performance and more powerful resources, often equipped with faster processors, large amounts of memory and fast storage units. This makes them more suitable for high-traffic websites and large online applications. They also allow more data transfer with higher bandwidth. However, the extra benefits of the premium service come with a higher price tag. Standard VDS plans are more affordable and suitable for users with moderate demands or smaller projects. In terms of customer support, premium plans usually offer a superior service and users can get faster responses and better solutions. All these differences allow users to make a choice that suits their needs and budget.